Kalidia- Lies’ Device (2014)
Vukari - En To Pan (EP) (2014)
Dead Empires - Waiting In Waves (2012)
Cyrax - Reflections (2013)

Innovation does not always equate to quality. Unfortunately for Cyrax, their decision to push the envelope with a marriage of styles doesn’t work out in the favor. When the final notes hit, it is likely that “Reflections” is a view in the mirror that you might not look forward to having again.


Infinite Earths - Spiral From Spacetime (EP) (2014)

We’re not metahead douchebags, at least not all of us in the metal fandom are. Thankfully, there are bands like Infinite Earths to remind the outsiders that metal lyrics aren’t all Satan and murder. Their debut EP, the avant garde offering known as “Spiral From Spacetime,” is artistic to the core.


Druglord - Enter Venus (EP) (2014)

Smoky. Hazy. Cloudy. No, we aren’t talking about your favorite bar or club. This is the work of Druglord, the pride of Richmond, Virginia. And if their debut, “Motherfucker Rising,” wasn’t enough to convince you, this new four song masterpiece should do the trick.


Vesperia - An Olden Tale (2013)

It seems like a dick move to say that a bands rise to greatness was inevitable, but with Vesperia, it actually was. On this, their second full length album, their production matches their intensity, and leaves you breathless. If “An Olden Tale” doesn’t get your horns up, it may be time to check your pulse.


Mammoth Storm - Rite Of Ascension (EP) (2014)

With the mighty Draconian laying so silently due to outside forces, the members can’t be expected to sit still. But with Mammoth Storm, guitarist Daniel Arvidsson takes up bass and vocals for a stoner doom project that is miles away from anything his main band has done.


Junius - Days Of The Fallen Sun (EP) (2014)

A band that may have faded to the periphery after their last outstanding release, Junius was laying in the cut, waiting to return to the spotlight. Their new EP isn’t just a return to form, but an advancement of their sound in a significant way.


Maelstrom - 3725 (2013)

We are no strangers to the work of Maelstrom, a solo post rock project from Italy. After two years and now three albums worth of material, it has become painfully clear that where Ferdinando Valsecchi goes, we follow. The new album, 3725, is as beautiful as it is ambitious.